Tax optimization

Tax optimisation at Galux is designed to efficiently manage your tax and explore opportunities where you may be able to save taxation. So when it comes to submitting your tax return, you are in the best possible position and do not pay more than you need to. As well as dealing with clients’ tax returns, Galux can also advise on the most tax-efficient ways in investing money.

Organise your business efficiently, saving your time and money

Save your business time with Galux Tax optimization services

Tax optimisation versus tax planning

Tax optimisation in Luxembourg is different to tax planning in Luxembourg. It involves identifying ways to lower the level of taxation for a company or an individual whereas tax planning involves analysis of a company or an individual’s financial situation and incorporating taxation as efficiently as possible.

Making an appointment with Galux is the first step in being more tax efficient. We offer an exemplary and reliable tax advisory service for all of our clients, whether it is for an individual or for a small business owner.

Reasons why your tax situation might change

It is essential to manage your tax when your circumstances change, for example, if your family status or economic status changes or if you are involved in an investment schedule. Here are some further examples (please note, this list is not exhaustive):

You have recently bought a home, when the sale agreement is signed, contact us here
You have moved to Luxembourg but your spouse remains abroad
You want to sell your primary residence property (or any other property)
You have just let your property out for the first time
You have become separated or divorced
You leave Luxembourg and become a non-resident
You want to transfer your assets (we can assist you in scheduling all types of investments)
You have made a real estate investment (the tax aspect will be decisive in the return of your investment)
You are investing to prepare for your retirement (it is advisable to plan this well in advance to prevent losing too much purchasing power in retirement)
You want to make an investment to protect your loved ones (e.g. purchasing or selling real estate is a good example of a situation where you would require prior fiscal analysis; any purchase or sale of real estate can have tax implications. You need to take into account many factors, for example, location, building state etc. Unfortunately the future tax impact is often overlooked especially once the purchase and refurbishments are complete. At this stage, it is usually too late to apply tax savings)

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