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As Tax Accountant, our services are:

  • Filing of Luxemburgish your tax return: we make your tax return from A to Z. We provide you with a detailed calculation of your income tax.
  • Review of your tax return: you prepare your tax return on your own. we check that there are no errors and that all possible deductions were used. We also provide you with the estimated amount of your income tax thanks to our own tax calculator.
  • Tax planning: you have a project or your family or your economic status changes. You want to know the tax consequences. We bring you essential tips to optimize your operations. Our opinions are justified in writing and commit ourselves.

The GALUX commitment: If you do not-have the obligation to make a tax return, we guarantee que le amount of the tax refund will cover our fee at least!

Why choose GALUX for your tax return?

  • Save yourself time: Completing a tax return often means writing numerous appendices, including amortization tables and breakdowns of expenses. This is often tedious and time consuming. U.S. tax services estimated that the average American taxpayer needed 23 hours to complete a tax return, rising to 32 hours if this included an annex for business or rental income. Entrusting your tax return to GALUX frees you from this burden.
  • Make the most of your deduction rights: Luxembourg tax law is complex and contains many opportunities for such deductions, especially for real estate. By entrusting your tax return to GALUX, you are sure to pay only the amount of tax you owe.
  • A clear and precise presentation of your tax return: You will benefit from GALUX’s expertise in accounting to present to the tax authorities a tax return that is quick and easy to check. A properly presented tax return facilitates your relationship with the tax authorities.
  • Administrative follow-up: Completing a tax return means first gathering all the supporting documents needed to assert your rights to tax deductions. At the beginning of the fiscal year, we will give you a list of records to be provided, enabling you to keep all the necessary supporting documents for your tax return.


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