The Galux Commitment!

If you don’t have to submit a tax return, we guarantee that the amount of your tax refund will easily cover our fee as a minimum.

Why Use Galux for your Tax Return?

There are a multitude of reasons why Galux is the right tax return partner for you.

We Save you Valuable Time

Firstly, you’ll save yourself time. It’s well known that completing a tax return often means writing numerous appendices, including amortization tables and breaking down your old expenses. We know this is often tedious and time consuming. Did you know that in the USA, the American tax services estimated that the average American taxpayer needs 23 hours to complete a tax return (that amount of time rises to at least 32 hours if it included a second business or rental income)! That’s likely true for people in Luxembourg too – imagine; entrusting your tax return to Galux immediately frees you of that time-consuming burden!

Ensure the Right Tax Deductions are Made

Then there are tax deductions. How do you know what you’re genuinely entitled to? The Luxembourg tax law is complicated and there are lots of opportunities for tax deductions that you might not know about, especially when it comes to real estate. By entrusting your tax return to Galux, you only pay the tax you owe – we make sure of that.

A Clear, Concise Tax Return

We also make sure that your tax return is presented clearly and precisely so you get the benefit of Galux’ expertise in how to present accounting to the tax authorities. We provide a tax return that’s easy and quick to check, properly presented. In turn, this facilitates a better relationship with the tax authorities.

Administrative Follow-Up

Our service includes provision of administrative follow-up so you always have all the supporting documents you need to assert your rights to tax deductions. At the start of the fiscal year, we will give you a list of records that you need to provide. This enables you to keep all the necessary supporting documents for your upcoming tax return.

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