Filing a tax return for individuals in Luxembourg

Have a complete peace of mind that everything is done right with Galux accountancy,

Organise your business efficiently, saving your time and money

If you find that you did not need to submit a tax return after submission, then we guarantee that your tax refund will cover our fee.

Stop worrying about your tax return at all

We look after every element of your tax return and we file it for you. When you use us, your tax return will show a meticulously detailed calculation of your income tax.

Send your tax return to our expert review

We check that there are no errors and all possible deductions are included. We will also calculate your income tax amount using our own Galux Tax Calculator.

Let Galux look after your tax planning

It’s important that you understand any tax consequences and by using us to take care of your tax planning, we can give you invaluable tips to optimise your tax savings. It’s worth bearing in mind that we justify all our advice in writing.

Tax services

Save your business time with Galux

Filling out a tax return properly

Get the right tax deductions

Errors-free submit your document

We take care of all of that tiresome administration

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