Tax return for European officials residing in Luxembourg

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Your income is non-taxable but there are still instances where you do need to file a return.

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In which cases European officials residing in Luxembourg must submit a tax return

You are married and your spouse received an income of over EUR 36,000 working in Luxembourg (but not for a European institution).

You receive a property related income from a Luxembourgish source.

You worked in Luxembourg or in a country outside of the EU before working for a European institution. You also receive another income from a Luxembourgish source not subject to withholding tax to an amount of more than EUR 600.

In what cases to submit a tax return

You are in a partnership and your partner works or worked in Luxembourg outside of European institutions.

You worked for part of the tax year in Luxembourg but outside of European institutions

You are married and your spouse works outside of Luxembourg institutions receiving an income of less than EUR 36,000 amount of more than EUR 600.

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