Payroll services for your business

Have a complete peace of mind that everything is done right with a smooth and efficient Galux payroll system

Grow your business while our experts manage all of your payroll administration

Using our payroll service you get a secure service that you can trust.

A small business, helping small businesses

We are a small business which is important to us because we understand the requirements of fellow small businesses. We also strongly believe in great human interaction and courteous, efficient response.

Affordable accounting

Galux is affordable and we are less expensive than our competitors. This is because our infrastructure and overheads are less than large Luxembourg accountancy firms.

Leave us the headache of your payroll

Using our payroll service, you get on with what’s important to you, growing your business while our experts manage all of your payroll administration. Our team work closely with all of our customers to make payday as smooth and efficient as possible, guaranteeing accuracy, reliability and most importantly, a secure service that you can trust.

A reputable firm of accountants

Our clients choose us because we are a highly knowledgeable team that is renowned for accuracy, reliability and trust. We maintain stringent service standards and go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Our telephones are always answered by the third ring and you will always be able to speak to our polite team members.

Tax services

Save your business time with Galux

Calculating tax

Withholding tax

Managing and producing payslips

Issuing payslips

Salary calculation

Simulation of salaries

Management reports cash

Social contribution fees declaration

Initial employee registration

Initial employer registration

Employer obligations

Payroll legal services

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