How to avoid overpaying and underpaying tax for residents

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Do you have to file a tax return?

As a non-resident tax payer, you need to file an income tax return if any of the following apply to you
Tax return mandatory
Income threshold

(only applies to Luxembourgish incomes)

Taxable income over

EUR 100.00

In case of several revenues subject to withholding tax:

Class 1 and 2

EUR 36.00

Class 1A

EUR 30.00

Usualy are concerned:

Married couple where both work

Employees combining several employment contracts

Income not subject to withholding tax in excess of

EUR 600

Income from transferable securities over

EUR 1500

Directors fees over

EUR 1500

Joint taxation of a non-resident and a resident


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What you get is even more

You paid insurance premiums.

You pay interest on credit cards or loans.

You made a loss from a category of income not subject to withholding tax (a good example is interest paid on your mortgage).

You purchased your home during the tax year.

You received dividends of EURO 1,500 or less and want to withhold tax on income from transferable securities.

You are a resident of Luxembourg married to a non-resident(or vice-versa).

You have childcare expenses or employ a housekeeper.

You are in partnership and both partners worked during the past tax year.

You pay an allowance to your ex-spouse.

You pay a child allowance to a child or children not part of your household.

You only worked for part of the tax year.

You only worked in Luxembourg for part of the year (this is subject to other conditions).

You did not receive tax credits for your child/children.

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