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How do you know if you can benefit from our wealth management services ? You may not have the expertise, time or inclination to actively plan and manage certain financial aspects of your life. Need help? You can enjoy an independent and objective opinion on decisions that are often emotionally difficult . And in today’s hectic world , it may be advantageous to have the help of a financial expert to ensure your financial goals.

Depending on your needs , we are able to offer the following services:

  • Financing plan for your children’s education : The registration fee of universities and other higher education institutions are significant and increasing. An average year of study in France costs EUR 15,000. We can help you to financially plan the studies of your children to avoid that this moment being synonymous of financial difficulties,
  • Financing Plan your retirement : Retirement today is more than just a matter of accumulating enough money. Increasing life expectancy has made retirement an extended stage of life. It is a long time. What kind of retirement you want ? How should you spend money for retirement ? How can you prepare for it and when does it start ? We can help provide answers to these questions.
  • Planning the purchase of your home : Owning your home is the dream of many people. The purchase of this home will be potentially the largest financial investment you will ever make . This is why it is important that you plan for you to feel confident in the fact that now is the right time to buy .
  • Planning your rental property investments : In the same way that we advise companies on their investments , we can analyze the profitability and financial sustainability of your projects and your rental properties.

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