• Do you have to file a tax return?

A resident taxpayer is obliged to file an income tax return in the following cases:


You do not have to a full tax return? This is one more reason to complete one!

  • Is it worthwhile for you to complete at tax return?

It is worthwhile filing a tax return in The following cases (non-exhaustive list):

  • You paid insurance premiums
  • You paid debit interests related to credit cards or loans,
  • You purchased your home during the tax year
  • You realized a loss from a category of income not subject to withholding tax (i.e. interests paid on a mortgage loan related to the main residence),
  • You received dividends of less than or equal to 1,500 euro and wishing to account withholding tax on income from transferable securities;
  • You are married and one is resident and the other is a non-resident.
  • You employed a housekeeping lady or you had expenses for child care.
  • You are in Partnership and you both worked during the tax year,
  • You paid an allowances to children not part of your household,
  • You paid an allowance to your ex-spouse
  • You are a single parent with children
  • You worked only part of the tax year.
  • You worked only part of the year in Luxembourg (under certain conditions).
  • You did not receive a tax credit for your children.

GALUX guarantees the interest or the obligation to make a tax return, make the most of it!