Wealth management

Plan your wealth for the future and take all advantages with Galux Tax services.

Excellent wealth management service which is designed to address the needs of clients wanting to plan their wealth for the future

With years of experience, we have the right expertise to give you an independent, objective opinion on decisions that are often emotionally difficult. Our service can also give you a distinct advantage by putting into place manageable financial goals. We consult with you to explore opportunities in optimising your wealth and design a bespoke strategy using financial products and services including investment advice, legal advice, estate planning, accounting, retirement planning and tax services.

Financing a plan for your children’s education

It is worth bearing in mind that the registration fees for universities and other higher education institutions are significant and on the increase. Did you know that on average, a year of study in France costs EUR 15,000? Galux can help you to financially plan your children’s studies to avoid financial difficulties later on.

Financing your Retirement

Today’s retirement needs are more than just accumulating enough money to live on for the rest of your life. Life expectancy has increased which means that retirement is now an extended stage of life and is hopefully, lengthy. We advise clients to consider the type of retirement they want and how they want to spend their retirement money. Galux can help you prepare for it and understand when retirement begins.

Planning the purchase of your home

Many people dream of owning their own home and it’s fair to say that purchasing a home is potentially one of the largest financial investments that most people will ever make. It is therefore of paramount importance that you plan it well and feel confident in when the right time to buy is. Galux can advise you on property purchases in the current financial climate.

Planning your rental property investments

In the same manner that we advise our company clients on their business investments, we can analyse the profitability and financial sustainability of your own individual projects and your rental properties.

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