Tax services for your business

There is no joy in paying tax but unfortunately, it’s a fact of life! Owning your own business makes tax season even more stressful which is why Galux is the right partner for you. As a small business owner, if you’re completing your tax return on your own, you might be causing yourself unnecessary anxiety! Isn’t it better to have complete peace of mind that what you’re doing is right? Let us help – we’ll do it all for you, we could even save you money!

Organise your business efficiently, saving your time and money

Save your business time with Galux Tax services

Minimise your tax burden

At Galux, we’re more than just a small business tax service. We make it our number one goal to minimise your tax burden as much as legally possible. With years of experience and extensive knowledge of tax code, we use our expertise to provide you with every tax break possible!

Keep your documentation tax-friendly

We’ll also discuss with you what’s deductible and what’s not, beforehand giving you a head start. We’ll also tell you how to keep your documentation straight so you don’t miss any possible tax deduction opportunities.

Tax services

Save your business time with Galux

Preparation of tax returns:

- corporate income tax (ICC, IRC),

- wealth tax and VAT

Preparation of applications for exemption and tax incentives

Support in dealing with the tax authorities

Checking of taxation

Assistance in tax audits

Tax optimization

Foreign VAT recovery

Any advice on tax related matters

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