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Starting up a new business venture takes a great deal of time in terms of research, planning and motivation. As an entrepreneur your main focus is typically on the operations and marketing side of your business.

You need the right professional medium straight away as it is really that important that you start your business on the right foundations and in the right direction.

All types of business organization have obligations under the Companies Act and tax regulation. It is vital that you are compliant from day one.

Here are some of the areas we can help startup businesses:

  • Entity selection and consultation: We can help you determine the best legal structure for your business from a tax perspective and cost savings (Sole Proprietor, S.à r.l., S.A., etc.).We are often able to save new business owners thousands of euros in otherwise lost tax deductions and potential non-deductibility of startup expenses.
  • Legal Authorizations: We can help you apply for a “business permit”, VAT number, social security number, etc.
  • Accounting System Selection and Implementation: We can advise you on the best software to use for your business accounting system and aussi help you get your books correctly set up.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Guidance: We can provide you with a detailed road map of whxich business expenses are tax deductible, how to make sour you-have the proper documentation and take the proper steps recevoir full deductibility of your business expenses.
  • Tax Advice and Planning: We can provide you with a detailed road map of which business expenses are tax deductible, how to make sure you have the correct documentation and take the correct steps to receive full deductibility of your business expenses.
  • General Business Consultation: We can serve as your part-time interim CFO and help you make the right financial moves to help build the value of your business as well as maximizing profitability.

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