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Payroll services:

Every Aspect of Payroll Outsourced to an Outstanding Accountancy Team

For a smooth and efficient payroll system, Galux delivers an unrivalled service, managing every aspect of your payroll.  Whether you require tax calculations, management and production of payslips, the preparation of your management reports or other payroll services, outsourcing to the Galux accounting team gives you complete peace of mind that your payroll is always meticulously prepared and delivered on-time.

Take the Headache out of Payroll Administration!

Using our payroll service, you get on with what’s important to you, growing your business while our experts manage all of your payroll administration.  Our team work closely with all of our customers to make payday as smooth and efficient as possible, guaranteeing accuracy, reliability and most importantly, a secure service that you can trust.

Our Payroll Service includes a variety of options including:

  • Calculating Tax Taxation is a significant part of payroll and using professionals simplifies the process. Galux calculates all of your employee taxation so you don’t have to.
  • Managing and Producing Payslips Producing accurate payslips on-time with the correct calculations is absolutely paramount when running a business but it takes time and is often complex.  By outsourcing to Galux Accountancy, you can be completely confident that all payslips are delivered correctly and on-time.
  • Management Reports Cash flow reports, financial reports and financial results can all be time-consuming but when you use Galux Accountancy, your reporting is delivered efficiently and accurately, often helping to improve your business’ overall financial health and better managing your cash flow.
  • Simulation of Salaries The calculation of salaries in order to determine amount tax and social contribution fee payable.
  • Initial Employer Registration We register you as an employer so you are set-up as a business in preparation for payroll.
  • Initial Employee Registration We register your employees, so they are set-up on your system.
  • Salary Calculation We calculate every employee’s salary calculation so their tax and other contributions are always absolutely accurate.
  • Issuing Payslips We issue your payslips, on-time.
  • Withholding Tax We manage tax deductions on interest or dividends where applicable.
  • Social Contribution Fees Declaration we manage all of your employees’ social contribution fees declarations.
  • Payroll Legal Services We can provide legal services for your payroll system.
  • Employer Obligations We guide you through your employer obligations so you are always legally compliant.

To find out more about outsourcing your payroll or to tailor your very own payroll package, please click here.

Why Galux is the Right Payroll Services Partner for You

A Small Business, Helping Small Businesses

We are a small business which is important to us because we understand the requirements of fellow small businesses.  We also strongly believe in great human interaction and courteous, efficient response.

A Reputable Firm of Accountants

Our clients choose us because we are a highly knowledgeable team that is renowned for accuracy, reliability and trust.  We maintain stringent service standards and go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.  Our telephones are always answered by the third ring and you will always be able to speak to our polite team members.

Affordable Accounting

Galux is also affordable and we are typically less expensive than our competitors.  This is because our infrastructure and overheads are less than larger Luxembourg accountancy firms.

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