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Accounting services:

Do not spend too much time managing the books while your true talents lie elsewhere. In order to facilitate the exchange of information, we provide you clear guidelines on what documents to keep, how to handle them, what to write on your invoices, and how to organize your business in the most efficient way to save you money and time.

Our accounting services are fully digitalized. All the accounting documents (invoices, salary entries, …) are scanned and attached to the booking. In case of control of the tax administration, It is thus very easy to provide the requested documents.

We do not need to keep your original documents. So if you do not want to go to our premises, you can send us your documents by mail. Everything can be done remotely.

As we provide you all reports and declarations in electronic format, it is really easy to save them. It also save paper and it is good for the planet!

We can offer you, as our client, several customizable accounting services for small businesses to meet your unique needs:

  • Establishment of an accounting system adapted to your company (we recommend Winbooks)
  • Partial or full daily bookkeeping following the Luxemburgish chart of accounts
  • Review and monitoring of accounting
  • Monitoring your accounts payable and receivable, as well as payroll accounting
  • Tracking of your investments and acquisitions, but also of your results through the preparation of periodic reports
  • Preparation of your annual accounts (trial balance, balance sheet, income statement,…) according to the frequency of your choice
  • Takeover of your accounts when you decide to entrust us with the management of your books. This transfer takes place in accordance with the rules of the profession, without placing any constraint on you and while ensuring the continuity of your accounting.
  • Implementation of cost accounting
  • Implementation of internal control procedures
  • Creation of budgets and business plans
  • Study of the profitability and the cash-flows of your business
  • And more generally, any advice on accounting or financial matters

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