If businesses, including very small businesses do not have the obligation to entrust their bookkeeping to a registered accountant, working with an expert partner in the accounting, financial, social and tax aspects of your professional and personal environment is nevertheless highly recommended.


A registered accountant informs on the company’s situation

The registered accountant does not only do the bookkeeping and presenting the financial statements. We are able to give you clear image of the business financial situation.


The registered accountant helps you to take the right decisions

As, entrepreneur, you are constantly required to make choices. If some decisions have limited consequences, other may be strategic and complex:

Below is a small list of the strategic decisions to take when starting a business:

  • The choice of legal status,
  • The choice of tax options (corporate income tax or personal income tax)
  • The legal structure,
  • The amount of share capital
  • The opening of the capital,

As part of business development topics requiring sound advice might be:

  • How can I optimize my tax?
  • How to reduce my need for working capital?
  • Is it time to invest?
  • How much cost an employee?
  • What would be the consequence of a particular decision on the result?

The decision support tools (projected balance sheet, various simulations …) proposed by the registered accountant, but also the information from its diverse experience and situation analysis are often good advice.

The figures and studies on this subject show that the support of a registered accountant to small businesses increases their lifetime.


The registered accountant allows the entrepreneur to concentrate on his business:

When a manager outsources its accounting to a registered accountant, he has more time to focus on his business.

Our mission can be very broad and include the management of legal, accounting, tax and social security declarations.

These time consuming tasks do not allow you to work on tasks that you cannot delegate (management, marketing, purchase, trade negotiation,).


The registered accountant brings you peace of mind.

Outsourcing your accounting to us will bring you peace of mind about the quality of your books and tax declarations. Moreover, in case of error on our part, you will benefit from our insurance.

We also guide you through the administrative maze !